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As the ninth-largest city and the fourth largest metropolitan area in the US, Dallas offers a modern and sophisticated city. One of the offers is private jet charter dallas service by Icarus Jet. This flight service is an extraordinary flight where you are about to ride a private jet to several destinations across Dallas. Let’s take a look at what you can get from this service. 


Icarus Jet offers last minute charter flights from Dallas. By using this service, you can order a jet and go to your destination immediately. It is a good option for those who need to go from Dallas to a particular place right away. The last-minute charter flight service is ready to deliver you from Dallas to Las Vegas, Houston, Aspen, and Dulles. Another service is a private aircraft service. It is also a perfect option for people who are in a hurry because the aircraft is ready within 2 hours after booking it. You can book three different jets which are light jets, mid-size jets, and super-midsize jets. You can order one of the flights online by visiting the official website. 

Types of Jets 

This service has a variety of jets that are ready to deliver you from Dallas to several areas. For example, you can use Hawker 850 XP. This jet is for 8 passengers along with several facilities including DVD/iPod/CD, surround sound, and flight phone. The jet is comfortable enough with the top speed up to 448 KTS. If you need a slightly large jet, you can use the Citation Sovereign 680. This jet is designed for up to 10 passengers. The facility includes VIP catering and spacious space to move around during the trip. It is okay if you only have a small group because you can use Learjet 35 or Hawker 400 XP. Both of the jets are suitable for up to 6 passengers along with VIP facilities. 

Security Standard 

You don’t need to worry about safety because this jet charter service is following the international standard. For example, all operators have been audited by Wyvern and Argus and also following the FAA guidelines for safety checks and crew training. The operators follow the standard and guidelines from the takeoff to landing to make sure that the passengers are safe and comfortable during the trip.

Popular Destinations 

Besides delivering to the areas mentioned above, the service is also ready to deliver passengers to from Beirut, Lebanon, Cyprus, London, and Dubai. Booking a jet is the best option so you can get to those areas immediately and explore it without wasting too much time.   

The Cost of Dallas Jet Charter

The cost depends on your destination. The cheapest flight offered by icarus jet is from Dallas to Houston in which you have to spend about $4.000 whereas the highest cost is a trip from Dallas to Miami in which you have to spend around $17.000. For complete information about the flight costs, you can contact the customer service or use the search box on the official website.     

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